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Dear Business Owner,
As a company dedicated to finding the best online marketing solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises, we have launched a new service which resolves a key issue that many businesses are currently unaware of.  An issue that is already frustrating existing and potential customers.

A few weeks ago we discussed Video Marketing, and why it is becoming a key marketing tool for SMEs, with a clear upward trend. We have also identified Mobile Marketing as a key growth area. In fact, the online video trend pales in comparison.

Read on, to learn why mobile phone use is shaking up the internet, and how your business can benefit…

Are You Mobile Ready?

86% of the UK population own a mobile, in fact mobile phone ownership outstrips personal computers 4 to 1.

And a key study by Morgan Stanley demonstrated that internet use on mobile phones is set to surpass all desktop PC use within the next 3 years.  Creating  a market 10 times larger than the current desktop internet.  This trend will revolutionise the way we use and deliver products and services, creating an unprecedented opportunity for SMEs.

“Rapid Ramp of Mobile Internet Usage Will be a Boon to Consumers and Some Companies Will Likely Win Big (Potentially Very Big) While Many Will Wonder What Just Happened” – Morgan Stanley, 2009

In fact, this trend is already strong…

“People accessing our products and services through their mobile phones are adding a billion dollars annually to our existing revenue streams. Clearly this is the future of search on the Internet. Our mobile search queries have grown five times over the last couple of years,” – J. Rosenburg, Google SVP, 2010

How Does This Effect You As a Business Owner?

Mobile Internet use is naturally suited to local activity.  People are already using their mobile phones to find local plumbers, restaurants, hairdressers, taxis, nightclubs and shops.  To check the cheapest price, or find coupons, for products before purchasing offline.  This type of usage is growing, rapidly.

And yet, the majority of businesses are failing them

Typical Mobile View Of A Website

81% of websites display badly or not at all on mobile phones and devices.

How many potential customers visited your website via a mobile this month?  What did they see (check here)?

Enterprises that are compatible now will take the business – the rest will wonder what just happened

Fortunately, taking advantage of this mobile revolution just got a whole lot easier…

Our Solution

Blymi Mobile Optimised DesignOur Rapid Mobile Website Design service will produce a dedicated version of your website that is compatible with all mobile phones and devices, including (but not limited to):

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • and all WAP browsers too.

Your content will be tailored to engage mobile users and the context in which they will access your website.

Features include:

  • Mobile optimised design – perfect for touch screens, neat and clear on all mobiles
    • One click for customers to immediately call you on their mobile
    • Visitors can instantly SMS text your website to a friend – a word-of-mouth recommendation in an instant
    • Customer newsletter opt-in, includes email and mobile number – the perfect way to keep in touch with prospects and customers, offer them news and specials via SMS
    • Facebook and Twitter integration – turn your visitors in to constant social contacts, 50% of Facebook users access via mobile
    • Customer booking and reservations – a customers booking details immediately sent to you via email
    • Google Maps showing directions to your premises – the number one look up on mobile phones
    • Coupons – your customers can show offers in-store on their mobile phones
    • Mobile specific visitor statistics setup and installed for you
    • And much more!

    Your mobile website will seamlessly connect to your existing website domain name, without affecting your existing website in any way (Mobile Phone visitors will simply see your mobile tailored website instead).  You also receive a dedicated .mobi address optimised for mobile phone search engines.

    Here are 3 examples…

    Our Offer To You

    We’ve seen strong and clear evidence that the mobile internet is now an essential marketing channel for local businesses. And we can help you take advantage of this.

    A basic website design typically costs over £1000.00. We’re setting the standard price of our Mobile Website Design service at just £195.00.  A great price to take advantage of a market that is set to become 10 times larger than the current Internet..

    The Special Offer… We will design and implement your complete Mobile Website within 5 days, for just £75.

    That’s a massive saving of £120. And we’ll cut the hosting and maintenance price in HALF too.

    How can we afford to offer a website design service at such a low price?

    Because this is a new service, we are seeking to gain examples and testimonials from our current trusted contacts.  This is a loss leader for us, if you like this service then you may want to work with us more in the future.

    Our service is also backed by a 100% Guarantee. If we do not deliver your new website within 5 days, your set-up cost will be waved.

    To order your new Mobile Website, and lock the price at these discount rates, simply select one of the options below.

    There’s nothing to pay until your website is complete.  We’ll get a few details about your business and have your website ready for review ASAP, with no obligation…

    Enter Your Email Address, and then Click Your Preferred Option:

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anthony on:
    0114 360 20 60

    P.S. This offer is only available for the next 4 days.  But there’s no money to pay now, we’ll develop the site and see what you think.  No hassle, no project meetings, your mobile phone website will be ready for review within a couple of days.