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Rapid Video Marketing… 1st Page on Google

Thankyou for watching our short Video Ad, and congratulations…

You’ve just discovered the future of small business advertising.

Do you remember when TV commercials were seen as the ultimate advertising channel? 20 years ago, video advertising was totally unreachable for small and medium businesses. The production of a video alone would cost thousands.

Now, due to the continuing advances in software and Internet connection speeds, Online Video has become the most popular and engaging media available on the web today. 2 billion videos are watched on Youtube… Daily. And anyone can add a video to Youtube.

Online Video is the new TV, and there are absolutely no barriers to entry.

Why should you care?

Customers find video much more engaging – video as been proven to increase sales by as much as 400%. For example:

“Onlineshoes.com have a 45% higher rate of sales from those visitors who watched a video, and the site has seen a 359% year-over-year increase due to video.” – Internet Retailer, February 2010

Video increases brand awareness and boosts your professional image. But that’s not all. The real magic is that video can get you on page 1 of Google within hours, and prominent on all 4 of the most used search engines in the world.

How can you get Google Page 1 so quickly?

As Google owns Youtube, it has allowed videos to feature prominently on their search results. For example, go search for ‘Lady Gaga’ and you’ll see 3 videos that stand out over all the other results.

With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x.” – Forrester, January 2010

With the right approach it is possible for Small and Medium Businesses to take significant advantage of this bias. The use of online video is virtually unheard of by local businesses, and yet it is the fastest and easiest track to high Google rankings and branding success.

More than that, Youtube itself is now the 2nd most used Search Engine in the world. A fact that most businesses have failed to notice – if you’re not on Youtube, you are missing 85% of all internet users searching for help, services and entertainment.

There is really no need for expensive long videos to be commissioned. It is possible to have a short video Ad created for you, using images and stock media. And that video could deliver customers for many months, with no effort from you. As well as instantly boost the effectiveness of your website.

Our Solution

Our rapid turn-around Ad is more than just a short video…

  • We use a mass distribution tactic to hit Page 1 on Google within hours
  • Your Ad is distributed to 10 social video websites, with special attention given to Youtube
  • We optimise your video to feature on Google, and create a unique interactive element to ensure visitors click straight through to your website

Naturally, we cannot guarantee that your video will be featured on the 1st page, but the chances are high with our techniques.

Here’s an example of our rapid and unique video marketing service:

The above video was distributed to 10 online video publishers.  Within 12 hours, the video was prominent on page 1 of Google, for the exact search phrase that we targeted – ‘Sheffield Internet Marketing’…

Sheffield Internet Marketing Search Annotated

Sheffield Internet Marketing Search Annotated Details, Click to View

To achieve similar results, standard Search Engine Optimisation techniques will cost you £1000s, take up to 12 months and, even with all that time and effort invested, you may never reach page 1. In contrast, your video can hit page 1 within hours. And even if it failed to do so, we can move straight on to target more search phrases, or try the same phrase again with a new video.

It’s like entering a boat race with 10 speed boats, versus a bunch of container ships – Fast, nimble and a hundred times more cost effective.

To learn more about how Rapid Video Marketing can benefit your business please contact us on 0114 360 20 60 or request a free consultation here.