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5 Free Social Media Tools to Make Your Social Marketing Easier

If you’re new to using social media as a marketing method, it can seem daunting and time consuming posting to even just 1 social media channel, let alone 3 or 4. A few choice tools can not only make it easier to post to more than one social media site at a time, but also find topics, trends, related info and general make life easier.

It’s difficult to recommend just one particular tool as there are many, and your needs will differ depending on what you want to do and what just feels right. So give a few a test drive, and pick what works best for you.

Here are 5 social media desktop apps that could be perfect for you…

  1. TweetDesk – A very popular desktop app and great for most people. Has some limitations with the free version that other free apps here don’t have.
  2. Hootsuite – Very good social media managing app that allows you to add quite a few accounts and use most features without having to pay for the extras. This is also much better suited to organisations, as multiple users to manage the same accounts. Well worth trying.
  3. Seesmic Desktop – Similar to the Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, but has much more scope with the ability to add-on other features like statistics and trends. I like this, but may be a little complex when starting out. And can run slow some times.
  4. Yoono – A well laid out application that’s easy to pick up and use. You can use Yoono on iPhone, in your Web Browser or as a PC or Mac Application. And it works well on all. Although I found it slow on an iPhone. Yoono integrates well with your browser too, so sharing stuff you find on the internet is much easier.
  5. Nimble CRM – A slightly different animal, but great for anyone new to social media. It simply pulls all your social media together with your email too, and lets you manage them all much like you do with email. You also get a nice way to stay organised when following up with leads and sales. Perfect for most small businesses.

I’ve personally tried them all, and I’m not quite settled on 1 particular app yet, but Seesmic Desktop and Nimble CRM are both proving to be favourites. So give them a try, and see what’s right for you.

As we now live in a smartphone world, a desktop social media app will only be useful when you’re at your PC. Many of the above have a Smartphone App too, so give that a try. Or watch out for a follow-up article on iPhone and Android Social Media Apps…

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