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FridayFive: State Of The Internet 2011

“Rapid Ramp of Mobile Internet Usage Will be a Boon to Consumers and Some Companies Will Likely Win Big (Potentially Very Big) While Many Will Wonder What Just Happened” – Morgan Stanley, 2009

We’ve had technological ‘revolutions’ in the past.  The Mobile Phone is probably one of the true revolutions that has impacted our lives in the past 10 years. And yes, the Internet is a true technological revolution too.  But when it comes to the Internet, the way most people use it has not changed in 20 years.  Yes, we have laptops and fast broadband connection, but the format has essentially stayed the same – keyboards, mice and big screens.

That is all changing, very rapidly.  Here are 5 trends that will reshape the way you – and your customers – will use the internet:

  1. Social Networking – Not surprisingly, social networking continues to grow fast.  But it is the maturity of this phenomenon that is interesting.  50% of Facebook users now access their profiles every day, there are over 500 million users, and… 200 million access Facebook via a mobile phone.
  2. Mobile Phone Browsers – Until recently, using the internet on a mobile phones was not a desirable experience.  In 2011 a mobile phone’s key design feature is its internet capabilities and user experience.
  3. The iPad – was released in the UK on 28th May 2010 and, despite its high price, sold 2 Million within 59 days.  Mobile phone companies reacted like never before, releasing numerous rival products within weeks of the release.  The iPad format is paving the way for a new internet experience and consumers love it.
  4. Converging Trends – Mobile Phones and Pads are now specifically designed to enable users to easily access Social Networks and Applications.  These devices make clever use of inbuilt cameras and GPS positioning to deliver a rich interactive experience.  This is creating a phenomenal impact on society and our social behaviour.
  5. Mobile Phone Use – There are more people connected to the internet via mobile phones than computers.  Staggering but true.  The actual usage of the Internet on mobile phones is set to surpass desktop PCs, and continue to grow exponentially over the next 4 years. Morgan Stanley predicts that it will create a market 10 times larger than the current desktop internet

The core trend is obvious, and it matters more to SMEs now than ever before.  People are already using their mobile phones to find local restaurants, hairdressers, taxis, nightclubs and shopping malls.  To check the cheapest price, or find coupons, for products before purchasing offline.  And yet, the majority of businesses are failing them…

81% of websites display badly or are not viewable at all on mobile devices.

Those companies who are mobile compatible now will take the business – while others will wonder what just happened.

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