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Social Networking is Rubbish

As this is my first blog post I’ll quickly establish what this blog is all about. Yes, it’s about Marketing. However, marketing is a huge subject and I’ve no intention of being a master of all marketing.  My experience and successes are in direct marketing… a new kind of direct marketing, which I’ll refer to generally as ‘Modern Marketing’.

I refer to it as Modern Marketing because it utilises the Internet, but is more than Internet Marketing.  More than the latest buzz.

You’ve probably noticed that the current buzz is all around ‘Social Networking’ websites, and yes they can be a fantastic marketing channel.  We will discuss Social Networking, but let’s not get carried away.  Social Networking can drain your time, and for many businesses it offers little return.

I will usually focus on the simplest of marketing techniques.  Small changes that give dramatic returns.  Changes you can do in less than 1 hour.  Because it is often the simplest and smallest of actions that can offer the biggest returns.
For example:

Gary Bencivenga (a legendary US copywriter) found that simply stating a ‘reason’ for an offer resulted in near double the sales of the previous copy.

I’ll cover more of Gary’s brilliant knowledge in later posts.

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