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Rapid Promo Video Service… Special Offer

Dear Business Owner,
You have been specially invited to this offer through one of our ‘video proof’ campaigns. So you will have already seen some of the potential that online video has to offer.

You will have witnessed one of your direct competitors gain fantastic results in Google.  A professionally produced video that rapidly spread across the Internet, and gained 100s of video views, all within days.

That is why Blymi Media are so passionate and excited about this rapidly growing marketing opportunity.

Read on, to learn how video can help your business, how easy it can be, and why this new marketing channel is so important and well suited to businesses just like yours…

The Internet Is Evolving – Video Matters

Do you remember when TV commercials were seen as the ultimate advertising channel? 20 years ago, video advertising was totally unreachable for small and medium businesses. The production of a video alone would cost thousands.

Now, due to continuing advances in Internet connection speeds, Online Video has become the most popular and engaging media available on the web today.

It is currently the fastest growing form of marketing in the world. 2 billion videos are watched on Youtube… Daily. And anyone can add a video to Youtube.

Online Video is the new TV, and there are absolutely no barriers to entry.

Why Should We Care?

Customers find video highly engaging – video as been proven to increase sales by as much as 400%.

For example:

“Ice.com found that visitors who watched their on site videos converted to sales at a 400% increase over those who did not.” – Internet Retailer, December 2009

“Onlineshoes.com have a 45% higher rate of sales from those visitors who watched a video, and the site has seen a 359% year-over-year increase due to video.” – Internet Retailer, February 2010

Why? Because we love to watch video. Internet users are drawn to video and would much rather watch than read. Prospective customers are far more likely to watch a video to the end, than read a full page of text.

Cadbury Drumming Gorilla - 6 Million Online Video Views in 2 Months

According to a study released by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), video viewing online has reached the point where it is a routine practice for Internet users. Viewers are receptive to video ads and driven to act — 44 percent have taken action after viewing a video ad, including making a purchase.

Video also increases brand awareness and boosts your professional image. By simply placing a professional video on your Webpage and Google Places listing you instantly stand out from the competition.

While your competitors are trying to sell with text on their boring Web sites, you establish yourself as a company who ‘gets it’.

We’re Not The Only Ones Who Think So…

Online Video Production for SMEs is a rapidly emerging market, our biggest rival is Yell.com (a sure sign of the importance of this marketing channel). They produce videos that are very similar to our service (at a much higher price).  We love their video promo, it sums up all the reasons why video is so exciting right now…

Our Solution

We produce a professional Promo Video for your business, to highlight your services, testimonials, products, premises and branding. These promo videos are ideal for special events and one-off promotions, as well as the vast potential of online video marketing.

How will a Rapid Promo Video help your business?

  • Boost your Google Places listing quality and effectiveness
  • Make your email campaigns and special offers standout
  • Provide eye catching motion for trade shows and special events
  • Improve Social Media campaigns and messages
  • Increase the time visitors stay on your website, and ultimately improve sales

Here’s an example of our rapid and unique Promo Video service:

Your video will feature:

  • Your logo and contact details, prominently displayed with a call to action
  • Professional stock video and images, or any images of your own which you wish to feature
  • Carefully planned captions and scripting, to get your message across with impact
  • Scripted voice-over by a pro voice talent (Pro package only)
  • Licensed music, selected and tailored to suite your business and message
  • Professional editing and composition – eye-catching production to keep your customers engaged
  • Full video publication rights, so you can use and distribute your videos freely

We produce and deliver your complete video within 5 days, in high quality HD format, ready to install on your own webpage or use in any promotions as you wish.

You may specify the exact wording, images and requirements of your video, or leave it all to us. We will assess your website and marketing material, and produce a complete video ready for you to use – no project meetings, no hassle.

Youtube Mobile PhoneOnline video is the future of business advertising and promotion – and is fast becoming the preferred media on the Internet…

“A few years ago, video was taking baby steps online. Today, a huge video market is developing, with the audience expected to grow to 88% of the Internet user population, by 2012.” – eMarketing.com

Our Offer To You

We’ve seen strong and clear evidence that video promotion for small businesses is taking off big time. And we want to help you take advantage of this important new marketing channel.

We’re setting the standard price of this Rapid Promo Video production service at a very competitive £185.00 per video. A price which offers you excellent return on investment.

But, we are new in business, and seeking to establish new client relationships. So during our first few weeks of business we want to prove the value of our service by offering you a significant discount. We will produce your first professional promo video, and deliver it to you within 5 days, at a one-off price of just £85.

This price is only available for a short time. However, as one of our ‘launch clients’, we will also guarantee to discount all of your future Rapid Promo Videos by £70.00.

That’s a massive saving of £100 today, and £70 on every future video, no matter how many you order, or when that might be.

Our service is also backed by a 100% Guarantee. If we do not deliver your promo video within 5 days, we will send you a full refund, and also deliver your completed video for free.

To lock your business in as one of our VIP launch clients, and get your video completed for just £85, simply click the button below…

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anthony on:
0114 360 20 60

Your order will be processed through the popular and secure online payment system, Paypal. Once you have processed payment you can immediately provide the details we require to get your video started. Or let us call you, and we’ll collect all the details within a short consultation call.